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​100 Days of Makeup, Uh Oh!

April 15, 2016


​I am delighted to join the world of social media makeup challenges!  The #100daysofmakeup challenge on Instagram was invented over two years ago by badass makeup blogger Glam&Gore (YouTube + Instagram), and it's still hashtag trending like madness. 


The idea is to post a makeup look for one hundred consecutive days, and the purpose is to inspire you to:

1. get your artistic juices flowing,

2. blow your comfort zones to kingdom come,

3. build some discipline muscles, 

4. and, hopefully, gain a following over time.


It's brilliant.


So far I'm doing well with all but #3 - the discipline of consistency.  You see, I am a perfectionist to the detriment of my output.  Quality Over Quantity is more than a cliché for me, it is a way of life - an etiquette, a sense of responsibility, a religion.  It can be a prison, too, especially in today's fast paced 15-seconds-of-fame social media culture. 


My life partner is different - sometimes I call him Mr. F*ck-it-whatever.  His Higher Power is yielding results.  His mantras seem to be "Make stuff happen" and "Keep it simple,. Does it work? Yes? Good."  It doesn't have to be perfect as long as it works.  Luckily, he's clever (probably a genius) with superior work ethic, so his "whatever level" is more perfect than the average person's absolute best.  Damn him.


Let's be real.  Although I won't post every single day because it's a bit much, I take on this makeup challenge for its wondrous benefits and I look forward to confronting my Achilles' heel. Wish me luck!



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​100 Days of Makeup, Uh Oh!

April 15, 2016

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